What is BOS?

Patent Pending BOS is a trade mark of a high performance material with astonishing odor sealing technology.

Even when you directly sniff a BOS bag containing foul-smelling substances, you will not detect any odor at all!

Amazing Odor-sealing Ability

Odors from body waste are the most offensive odors for humans. Even soiled diapers that have been left for a while will hardly smell at all with BOS.

*While BOS's odor-sealing ability is amazing, it does not mean complete odor containment. Some odor may still be detected, depending on the usage environment.

BOS even seals in bacteria to keep hygienic.


Not only does BOS seal in ANY odor, but it even seals in bacteria.

The bags won't emit any toxic gases by burning.

BOS are proudly made in Japan so you can be worry-free.

Easy to Use!

Simply place contents in the bag & tie it in a knot!

usage illust

The perfect solution for odor problems which were previously thought to be unsolvable!

For Baby Diapers/For Adult Diapers and Incontinence Pads/For Pet Waste/For Food Scrap/For On-the-go/For Feminine Products

How has BOS been developed?


We have developed plastic bags to collect intestinal waste for healthcare application. The material should be safe, relieve users' anxiety with high odor-sealing performance, and hardly ruslte to be fit close to the body in daily life.
An amazing odor-sealing material "BOS" has been developed to solve any unpleasant odor problems utilizing the technology cultivated during the development process.

Distinct Difference in Odor-sealing

Odor Sealing Test #1
"The measuring instrument used"

An Odor Sealing Experiment Using Skatole

BOS showed undetectable level!

We sealed skatole(foul-smelling organic compound) within the bags and measured the concentration of skatole leaking from the bags at each elapsed time.

Odor Sealing Test #2
"Product Reviews"

How long did it take untill you started to smell odors?

A distinct difference in odor sealing was proven!

We placed soiled diapers within BOS and other 3 brands, and asked product testers to smell odors escaping from each bag at the timing of 5 mins., 10 mins., a few hours later, and on the 2nd day, the 3rd day ・・・・・and on the 7th day.

How did you find BOS after using them?

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